My Trip to Sugarloaf

Last week was exam week. Since our principal implemented a new rule that if we have a 96% or higher in the class, we don’t have to take our exams so a group of us decided to take a ski trip to ME. Specifically, we went to Sugarloaf. We arrived on a Wednesday night and set up in our friend’s families cabin. There were 3 of us girls who slept upstairs, and 5 boys who slept in the basement. We left the cabin Monday afternoon.

We skied on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The thing you have to know about Sugarloaf is that it is a big mountain, and can get very windy and extremely cold at the top. Luckily the temperatures stayed above 0 degrees throughout our stay, and it was only windy on Thursday however it was not excruciating as is has been in years past. We had packed powder and it snowed a little on Thursday night and Saturday.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been as much snow as we hoped for this winter so far so the harder the trails, the more ice and exposed foliage there was. Skidder, a double black diamond, had nice powdery moguls, however between them was very icy. I fell and slid until I hit a flat area. Ripsaw, another double black diamond, was also very powdery and not very icy. It was very tiring on the legs! The only thing about Ripsaw, was that there was a lot of foliage poking through the snow! But if you are a good skier or snowboarder, you could easily get down.

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On Saturday, we did a nice hike through the snow, and up a large and steep hill. Why would we want to hike all the way up a hill in the snow? To slide down of course! It was a tough and sweaty climb but once at the top we rested for a few minutes, then slid down the hill by sections. It was so much fun! It took a few minutes to get down so it was totally worth it!

This trip is a memory I will hold on to forever. Since it’s my senior year, we’re not sure when we will be able to do this trip again. We talked about it as friends and we want to do it again, but it will most likely be after college. I’ll be looking forward to it!

Have you gone on any Ski or Snowboarding trips? Let us know in the comments below!



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