Miracle Berries

During our trip to Sugarloaf this past week, one of our friends brought a packet of Miracle Berries. What are Miracle Berries? They are little pills that you let dissolve on your tongue. Once it finishes dissolving, you can eat anything you want. The catch is, everything tastes totally different than it normally does!

My friends and I sat around a table waiting for the pills to dissolve. Once they finished, the first thing we tried were lemon wedges. It was so weird! You could feel the acidity on your lips but it tasted sweet! Long story short, we went crazy trying everything in the kitchen! I think the neighbors thought we might have been doing drugs because he was outside with a flashlight looking into the cabin just watching us running around the kitchen…lol

We tried orange juice, which tasted absolutely disgusting! I love orange juice! We also tasted salt which kinda burned but tasted like sugar. Speaking of sugar, we also had sour candies that tasted sweet as well! It was very fun and only lasted for approximately 30 minutes. at the end, we were laughing about the fact that we did look like a bunch of wild banjies just running wild in the kitchen. The poor neighbor!

Have you ever tried Miracle Berries? Let us know your experience in the comments below!


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