SpaceX Project


In 2001 there was an idea called Mars Oasis, in which we would try and make a miniature greenhouse on Mars. But the problem behind this idea was how were we going to get our rockets over there. It would clearly be a problem landing them. And what if we wanted to colonize Mars?

There needed to be some way to for us to get the materials over there without always having to spend more and more money every time we want to send a new rocket.

SpaceX is changing that.

They’ve recently started a multitude of experiments in which the same rocket they launch can land. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, this is a major thing if we ever want to try and colonize other planets. It would allow for transportation, multiple uses of the same rocket, and would keep the same rocket working instead of having to create a new one every time we send something to the other planets.

They’ve recently been streaming all of their tests on their YouTube account, and the results are quite amazing. They show how their rockets can deliver a satellite into space, and then return in one piece on its own, and land safely.

This is a huge thing for many reasons. Usually in order to deploy things, you need a rocket, and it can only be used once. But with the SpaceX project, we can keep using that same rocket for as long as we need. They even have an official webpage.

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