Love: Feeling or Principle?

What is love? This seems to be a reoccurring topic at South Lancaster Academy this week, especially for the class of 2016. We started off our day with our usual Bible class, but with the new semester came a brand new topic, a topic that I will admit I’d been looking forward to for a while.



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Pastor Nino began to talk to us concerning the topic and then asked us a question; is love a feeling or a principle? Well, it is said that true love is constant and does not waver. But do feelings waver? Well, of course they do. (By the way, as this is actually very important, this article was written by someone who used to think of love as a feeling… just so you know.)

A few periods later, us seniors had our English class with Mr. Fellows only to discuss love through a series of sonnets (which are a type of poem, by the way). The fact that love had been mentioned in two of our classes that morning began to catch my attention. Was God trying to tell us something?

Next came our worship down in the chapel (you can probably see where this is going already). After singing a few songs and praying Pastor JP took the front and shared a testimony concerning — yup, you guessed it — relationships. He then proceeded to telling us his extremely entertaining story (and I’m sure many of the students would attest to that) and then sent us on the rest of our day with many lessons learned. The following is what I grabbed.

True love needs a strong foundation. But if we base love off of our feelings we will always waver. But principles, well, they simply do not (or at least, should not) change. Love is simply a title for what it means to stick to the principle that we will stand at someone’s side through the thick and the thin. We’ll always be by them and be there to support that person, no matter how we are feeling towards that person.

Let’s consider love as a feeling for a moment. People change everyday. There is no constant there; we simply wake up one day and find something appealing and the next it is possibly that we find that same thing to be revolting. But, depending on the person, opinions are often based on feelings. This is a mere example as of why we should not view love as a feeling. Otherwise we will be in and out of love all the time.

But if we view love as a principle, then even in the rough times we’ll feel committed to stick by and do what we can to assist that person.

To be completely honest, I felt as if God were really trying to speak to SLA, and especially the seniors with the three different mentions to love. I had this overwhelming sense that people were secretly glancing up at the ceiling and asking God if He was speaking to them specifically. But, it is to my belief that He was speaking to all of us.

The lessons we learned that day brought the mistakes of each person to their own minds or warned them for the future ahead. So the question still stands; what is love? It’s up to each of us to come to our own conclusion of what love is.

So what do you think love is? A feeling? Something you sense in your gut? Or something to live by? Please share in the comments below!



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