Winter Conditions

The winter sports season has come upon us. We have a ski program here at school which began this Tuesday. Here in New England, many of us who are involved in these types of sports, however, are quite disappointed. I am an avid skier. When you do these types of things, the snow conditions become extremely important.

Unfortunately, we have gotten close to no snow, and the precipitation has all turned to ice. These can be deadly conditions to ski on. The mountains have been trying to make snow as much as possible but the weather for the past few weeks has not been very cooperative. Now as the weather is becoming increasingly colder, the snow guns have come on.


At mount snow, riding up the mountain, you can still see grass peaking through the ice. At the top, because of all the snow guns, it was difficult to see. The trails were fairly icy because only a few of the trails were open so the more people at the mountain the more snow that got scraped off the trails exposing the ice.

At Wachusett, where our ski program is, was extremely cold on Tuesday. They were also making snow as the slopes were very icy. The trails became over crowded because of the limited choices so I chose to leave early. Is it really worth it to take the time to go skiing in these conditions? Is it better to wait?

Some mountains are better kept than others and have more snow. As long as there are a few runs open that have enough snow to cover most of the ice, and as long as it is not over crowded, it will always be worth it. For those of us who love the sport, we take every chance we get and know that the conditions will eventually get better.

What kind of winter sports do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!


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