Stroke on an Airplane

I travel to Brasil a lot. The flights are long and very tiring. The longest flight is usually when I go from the Miami Airport to Sao Paulo. I have many interesting experiences while traveling, but one of the most memorable times was when a lady had a stroke while we were en route on a night flight that lasts approximately 9 hours.

I was in my pre-teen years when it happened. My mother and I tried to have the 9 hour flight at night so we would be able to sleep through most of it. Fortunately we succeeded. We boarded the flight, listened to the instructions, and shortly after take-off, I fell asleep.

At one point during the night (at that time it was probably early morning) I looked over to my left expecting to see my mother. Once I realized that she wasn’t there, I assumed she may have gone to the bathroom. Everyone was asleep and I looked down the aisle because fortunately I had an aisle seat. I saw my mother crouched over a woman who looked unconscious on the floor.

At that point, I had no idea what was going on. Suddenly I heard a flight attendant ask my mother if she thought we would need to make an emergency landing.  I was afraid because I had no idea what was going on! After a short exchange, it seemed like we were not going to make an emergency landing.

I waited patiently for my mother as she checked the woman’s vitals and as she slowly came back into consciousness. The thing you have to know about my mother is that she is a very good nurse. She has a commanding presence and she knows what she is doing. It was by God’s grace that she was awake and saw the woman collapse.

When she came back to sit beside me, I asked her what had happened. She said that the woman on the floor had collapsed from a stroke. The captain wanted to know if we would have to make an emergency landing however she saw that the woman was stable enough to make it to Sao Paulo since we were about 4 hours away.

When has God used you? Leave a comment below!


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