E85 vs. Gasoline (E10)

What is E85? E85 is a type of fuel that was made to reduce CO2 emissions. 85 percent of ethanol mixed with 15 percent of gasoline. The fuel is also cheaper by 5 to 20 percent. Many places it is running you $1.50 per gallon. that is better than spending the $2.00 for gas. But is it worth it? Edmunds did a study with a Chevrolet Tahoe with Flexfuel comparing these two fuel types. They did a road trip from San Diego to Las Vegas with both gas and e85. The results were that the gas was doing better mpg than the E85 fuel. The Tahoe was doing 18.3 mpg on gas and the E85 was doing a stunning 13.5 mpg. In other words, they lost 26.5 more fuel with the E85 then with gas. But it is just money, doesn’t our environment mean more to us than a few lost bucks? In this test they also measured the emissions for the Tahoe. On gas the output was 706.5 pounds out CO2. That is a lot of pollution. The E85 did about the same at 703.1 pounds of CO2. Wait, but that’s only a 0.5% decrease in pollution! Is this fuel really worth it? Let me know what you think.


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