Mid-Terms: ‘Nough Said

FullSizeRender-2So we all know what it’s like; you go on break, you watch lots of Netflix, go to the movies once or twice to see the new Star Wars movie or Road Chip… And then school comes around to mess everything up. Now you’re knocked off your vacation routine and half to teach yourself to wake up at six all over again. Just great right? Well, I definitely know how you feel (except I didn’t stay home for my Christmas break. If you wanna learn more about it, check out my article My Christmas Vacation).

So now you’re back at school and the projects and study packets are flooding in. You loose sleep or grab extra sleep (depending on how you choose to face your homework) and the level of stress soars through the roof.

But you know, there’s Someone who’s there and can empathize to what you’re struggling with. God warns us about worrying a lot, and trust me I’ve written a couple of articles concerning worrying and what the Bible says about it.

But keep in mind that in order to avoid all that worrying it’s important that we stay diligent in our studies so that by the time mid-terms arrive we’re not too stressed out. But this doesn’t just apply only to areas of study, but also everyday life. Slacking in anything (like me and my license) can really stress you out in the end. To be honest I really wish I had gotten on that a while ago, and now I’m gonna have to rush to get it done. And that won’t mean the best for my skills. If I’d only started sooner at getting my hours I wouldn’t be so stressed out. See what I mean?

Of course, there are those that say a little bit of stress is good. But let’s not confuse stress and challenge. Challenge is good, stress is not, and slacking will definitely cause you stress. Just a few words of advice. 🙂

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About Sabrina N. Mapes

There are only so many people who can say they're fans of pirates, superheroes, and violin pop; I am one of them. Some would describe me as spontaneous, others a spazz, and some a caffeine addict... that last one is no longer true.

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