Anticipating Answers

This is the time that you should be done or finishing your college applications. It is time for the wait. The dreaded wait. Of course, there are some colleges that have rolling admission which is when you get a decision within a few months of submitting your application. It’s hard to know what to do during this time.

Don’t worry, trust yourself because you did your best (at least you should have!). There really isn’t much you can do until you have gotten your decisions. One thing you can do if you qualify is apply for your FAFSA. It’s federal aid that is given in forms of grants or loans. It’s a good idea to apply here if you don’t think you’ll be able to pay for college. Applications are usually open around January, but check to make sure! Just make sure your parents’ taxes are up-to-date!

I will be starting that process soon myself. It has been a little nerve-wracking, however it’s encouraging to receive acceptance letters from rolling admission Universities. If anything, I have at least 4 that I can choose from. Everything works out to God’s will so if He wants you to go to a certain college or University, you will eventually get there! Even if it’s not in the way you were thinking.

What have you done in your wait? Leave us a comment below!


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