Gabe Taveras: My Last Year!

image.jpegI’ve introduced you to a lot of seniors and their experience while attending South “Lancaster Academy, and now I present to you Gabriel Taveras. In his own words, he will tell you how his senior year is going so far.

“My senior year is going good so far. I remember that our senior class went to senior survival in the beginning of the school year. We got to bond at the fire pit as friends that became family. I’ve learned a lot from it about survival skills. After that I have had a good friendship with everyone in our class. I always tell people to enjoy their senior year and senior class because you might never see them again. Some people are always like ohhh well I hate my senior class. People like that make your senior year horrible and give negative energy throughout the year.

Finally basketball season has started, I believe in two weeks ago. And till then we have won all first three games in our season. We are number one in our division and I’m very proud of how my teammates are playing. I believe that my team has the heart to go to the very end and win it all”.

-Thank you Gabriel for sharing you thoughts of you senior year so far in SLA!

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