The Next Top 5 Tech Gifts of the Week!

This week we continue the top 5 holiday tech gifts, from the previous 2 weeks. This week though is different. This week is Smartwatch week, for those in search for a good Smartwatch, and have some money to spend!⌚️✌🏾️
 Number 1: The Apple Watch. For the iPhone users out there, this is one of the many smartwatches out there for you. Apple has built a well constructed Smartwatch with good battery life and has already more than 1,300 apps available for it. It has an addictive activity tracking system, let’s you carry out phone conversations from the watch, provides more text and the ability to interact with messaging than what is provided on Android Wear, supports easy watch face customization, and has a vast accessory market. Includes NFC for mobile payments like Apple Pay. You can choose from 3 different Apple Watches and price ranges; the Apple Watch Sport (ionized aluminum) starting at $350 for the 38mm, or $300 for the 42mm, the Apple Watch (stainless steel) starting at $550 for 38mm, or $600 for the 42mm, and the Apple Watch Edition (the 18K gold one) starting at……. $10,000 for the 38mm, or $12,000 for the 42mm. Sooo……. If you have money……yeah.


Number 2: This is a Smartwatch I highly recommend, the Samsung Gear S2! It’s Samsung’s latest smartwatch. This is for the Android users out there as now you can use the watch without just having a Samsung smartphone, though as long as you have Android 4.4.2 and at least 1.5GB of RAM you’re good, and it’s not available for iOS (though it might be later on). This time it’s round instead of square. You can look online and or YouTube for reviews and unboxings. Feature packed as well as water and dust proof. Now what’s special about this smartwatch that’s different than others, is that it has a rotating bezel also runs Samsung’s own operating system, Tizen instead of Android Wear. The rotating bezel is to compete against Apple’s Digital Crown. The bezel can be rotated throughout the UI and apps, and it has an extremely satisfying click to it. The circular watch comes in three models, the regular Gear S2, the Gear S2 Classic, and the 4G Gear S2. Also comes in two colors for the Gear S2 (not the classic); Dark Grey, and Silver. The Classic Gear S2 (left of the 3 in the image above) is a more classic looking version of the watch, while the 4G version looks exactly the same as the regular Gear S2 just that it has 4G connectivity, and GPS so you don’t precisely have to be connected to your phone to use it. The watch has Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for them, as well as NFC to make mobile payments with Samsung Pay. Also has many sensors including heart rate monitor for health. The price starts at $250 right now for the regular Gear S2, $299 right now for the Gear S2 Classic, and around $350 for the 4G-connected Gear S2 depending on your carrier, (T-Mobile 4G Gear S2 priced at $350 paying $5 a month for the service). So definitely a must buy!

Number 3: The Moto 360 2nd Gen. This smartwatch is one of the most sleek looking and most customizable smartwatch as you can customize however you want it to look with MotoMaker. It runs Android Wear, which is compatible with Android phones….obviously. It as well is compatible with iOS with limited capabilities. Android Wear brings lots of features like Google Now, and lots of Google stuff, as well as a built in GPS. Watch is also water and dust proof, as well as a heart rate monitor for health. This watch is perfect for the more classier person, or for the ones that think it looks nice, which in fact really does. Has many watch faces to choose from coming with the watch and Android Wear. Also has around 4,000+ apps on the Google Play Store. The price starts at $299 for the base model without any customization. The rest of the pricing depends on the way you customize it on Moto maker, which I believe comes out to around $450-$500 at its highest. I also would highly recommend it!

Number 4: The Huawei Watch (pronounced wah- way, not Hawaii lol). The Huawei Watch looks more like a traditional watch than a smartwatch, and that’s a good thing. It’s looks really beautiful, sleek and classy. It also has a round screen like most Android Wear watches. It’s also water and dust proof, as well as a heart rate monitor for health, etc. It can be paired with both Android and iOS. And has lots of different customization options both hardware and software wise. Since its Android Wear it supports a vast majority of apps from the Google Play Store. Prices as shown in the image above start at $350 and end around $800. Definitely a must buy!

Number 5: The Samsung Gear S. This is for my Samsung people, we out here! Even though the Gear S was introduced and released last year, and it’s not the best smartwatch, it’s still a good smartwatch to buy. It’s one of the biggest smartwatches you can buy. It has a 2″ curved screen, plus the big bezels add on its stature. It’s the worlds first 4G connected smartwatch. You can literally put a SIM card in it and have two separate phone numbers which is cool. It’s almost a standalone watch, as you still need to pair it to your phone. Has a heart rate monitor as well as other sensors for health related activities. It dosent run Android Wear, but runs Samsung’s Tizen operating system. It may not be the best with operating system since its older than the Samsung Gear S2, but it gets the job done (honestly feel like it looks better than Android Wear). The 2″ curved screen is immersive and dope. It has a home button, which makes it look like a smartphone on your wrist, …..basically what it is lol. If you have a Samsung phone starting from the Galaxy S4 goin up to the latest Galaxy, then you should be good in terms of compatibility. The price depends on your carrier since it has 4G connectivity, but I would say around the $300-$360 price range. Though you could probably find it even cheaper on Amazon and probably even cheaper on eBay. So definitely recommend to anyone with a Galaxy S4 and up!

Thanks for reading. If you have any comments leave them below.


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