A study in Linguistics: My experience learning Korean 

It’s that time of year agin in which I get all gung-ho about learning something new usually to have my motivation die soon after I start. So what’s this year’s fad? Korean! And fortunately I have someone to teach me, our new history teacher Miss Kate!

So how has my experience learning been?

Ah- aew-aeg-ah…

It can be described as nothing short as starting from the beginning. You know when you first started out reading?You had to sound everything out and you sounded really dumb trying to pronounce words like psychology for the first time. Well for me it’s the exact same thing, I know the characters (for the most part) but putting them all together is a challenge.

And then you have to translate it.

So words like 이름 이 뭐 예 요?( what is your name?)Take me around five minutes to translate only for me to still get it wrong.

And don’t get me started on remembering things like 오이 (cucumber) and 아이 (child) which practically sound the same, or telling the difference between 어 (eo) and 오 (oh) which (well I think) ARE the same. If you were in my position you’d understand my struggle.

So far the only way I’ve put my lessons to use is writing lyrics on the board during Journalism class (to Miss Kate’s great enjoyment). In the end I’m still having fun, and hopefully(?) be able to communicate with some friends in Korea ( whom I miss so much!).

What languages ( if any) have you guys learned, or attempted to learn, and how was your experience?


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