Renown Skis

Renown skis are probably the most innovative skis yet to hit the industry. Innovation is usually associated with success, however will it be the case with Renown? A man by the name of Cyrus Schenck who lives in Burlington, VT likes to say he “nerded out” and does so with his friends all the time. Out of 1600 different skis, why Renown?

winterpreview3-1The company was started by Schenck and 6 of his friends, however when his friends saw that he was infatuated, so they agreed to sign over the company to him. Schenck was excited about his new plan and decided to reach out to Jason Levinthal who invented the twin tip skis – well known especially in free-style competitions. Unfortunately Levinthal did not share in the excitement. In-fact, he though it was a ridiculous idea – but that didn’t stop Schenck. So what is this new idea?

These new innovative skis incorporate “Non-Newtonian” material. Simply put, it’s a material that is soft when there isn’t much force or vibrations affecting it, however when force is being exerted on it, it suddenly becomes hard. Schenck discovered this material after an engineering class in college and asked himself how he could incorporate this kind of material in a ski. Can you trust it?

Schenck explains that when you are on an easy slope, for example, the skis are very forgiving and it’s characteristic is almost floppy; but the second you hit ice, it hardens. Once you get comfortable with your runs and decide to go fast, do tricks, or just have fun they remain hard as long as vibrations are continuous.

One has to ask, however, what happens when you go off a large jump and are in air for a considerable amount of time, won’t they soften again? The fluctuation between hard and soft occur very quickly so it will have time to soften in the air. Doing tricks and going off of jumps – you want something dependable and somewhat predictable. A ski that you know exactly when the tip will touch the surface of the snow.

Would you trust these skis?
To find out more, visit or the renown website!




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