Christelle’s Experience from Browning Elementary to SLA!

I had a few students give there experience in high school, I introduce you to Christelle Omeler and she is giving us her experience!

“I have been at SLA for eleven years, so basically since I was in 2nd grade. I grew up with most of my classmates. I really enjoyed being at Browning Elementary to South Lancaster Academy.

I have the same birthday as my 2nd grade teacher Mrs.Chase.

In 3rd and 4th grade I had Mrs. Ford. When I was in her class I got the privileged to pretend to be a Native American and going up in the treehouse listening to Eric B. Hare’s mission stories.

In 5th grade with Mrs. Ban I learned more about computers and technology, and in 6th grade with Mrs. Trott I fined love for math.

Mrs. Oliveria taught me how to knit. Finally I made it to High School and learned to appreciate history with Mr. Lambert while struggling through Ap U.S. History.

I’ve learned so much from all my teachers not only academically but so spiritually. I want to Thank them so much for all what I have learned through these past years from Browning Elementary to South Lancaster Academy”.

Thank you, Christelle Omeler for telling us your experience in SLA! Please leave any comments below of what senior I should ask next!image.jpeg


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