War in the Pacific: Book Review

Sterling Mace’s unit wasthe legendary “K-3-5” (for Company K, 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division) and his story takes readers through some of the most intense action of the Pacific War, from the seldom-seen perspective of a rifleman at the point of attack.

This book taught many important lesson on life and the importance of life.

One thing I can take into my life is not being sure if the people around me will be with forever. The book shows many instances when a ranking soldier and friend of Sterling was killed not knowing that it was their last breath they would take. The next thing I learned was that don’t worry about be not there or to slow or to smart because these things have a reason. There are part that show if he was to slow a bullet could have hit him straight dead or if he hadn’t noticed the man in the cove many others could have died. The third thing I learned was training and practice can save your life. His story show that training everything from shooting or awareness can save you or your friend next to you. The fourth thing I learned was that we are lucky to leave in a time where have everything we need from clothes to food to water, his story includes moments when soldiers would rot in shirts or drop dead from dehydration. It show that the necessities in life are more important then we actually realize. The very last reason is the we need each other to make it through tough times and patches in life. Many times when friends died in battle he needed someone to comfort him. The book shows wars true face and horrors. I recommend this book to anyone. If you enjoyed you can leave your feedback in the comments.


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