Wisdom From Alumni

I have asked a few of the SLA alumni “What would you like SLA students to know before going to college?” – these are their responses:



“What I would want SLA students to know before going to college is for them to not be afraid to put themselves out there – to go out of their comfort zone and participate in activities and make new connections with people … also to work and save money for throughout the semester because your friends will want to go out and you will want to go with them. And staying on campus all the time isn’t going to be any fun.  And also, GO TO YOUR ADVISOR REGULARLY AND ALWAYS GO TO YOUR PROFESSOR’S OFFICE HOURS. It’ll save your grades.” ~Raissa Silva, Class of 2015


“I want you to recognize your potential as Christian young men and women; to embrace the great spiritual, academic, and interpersonal foundation that this institution has provided and use it as a catalyst for your future achievement. Never forget where you’re from, but don’t resist the future. The next four years will be the best ones in your life. Embrace the challenges, triumphs, and little moments in between. Lastly, never neglect your walk with God; the journey is a lot more satisfying when You learn to recognize His footprints beside you.” ~Brett Gustafson, Class of 2011


“Do well in school, follow your dreams! (Except for The 3 or 4 times you change your major).” ~Leo Zamo, Class of 2015


“Oh okay so legit they need to have a better understanding of pre-calculus and physics and how to apply for college and counseling for college and what classes to take.” ~Helio Ferreira, Class of 2013


“Use highschool to create good study habits, learn to manage time well, and build a good work ethic. You’re going to need good habits in place for when your homework load triples from that of a highschool one. And learn to balance what you need to do and having fun. Both are very important and will keep you sane.” ~Tori Stong, Class of 2015


“College is at a much faster pace than high school, therefore don’t slack. Make sure to use your resources such as professors, tutors, writing centers, math centers, YouTube, and career centers. It will help you become more confident with your studies. For hard classes, skim the material before class and make sure you study a little everyday. It will make your life a lot easier. Use the summer time for internship opportunities; the career center can make sure your resume and interview skills are up to par. It may take a little while to get used to the pace, but college is a lot of fun.” ~Anny Cunha, Class of 2008


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