Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts Of The Week

We are now in December, the month of Christmas, and a lot of people are still looking for deals, gifts, etc.. So this week, I gathered up 5 really cool tech gifts just in time for the holidays. Links to the items will be provided at the end. Enjoy!!!

First up is the Spigen Wireless Charger. If you have a phone that’s capable of Qi enabled wireless charging, this is the charger for you. With just the price of $27.00 on Amazon, it’s a perfect gift for anyone. It features a stand design for comfort viewing, and ease. Compatible with Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, and Qi wireless charging enabled devices.

Number 2: The Sony SRSBTV5 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Only $35.00 on Amazon. It has amazing quality, one-touch Bluetooth pairing with NFC, speakerphone functionality, 360-degree circle sound technology, and up to 5 hours of continuous battery life. It’s a great speaker for a low price.

Number 3: The Pac Man Ghost Light. Retails for only $28.00 on Amazon. This is a pretty cool gift idea, as it is great for parties, a night lamp, or just a good add-on to your office desk. You can choose from two modes: Standard mode, or Party mode. Standard mode will phase through 16 different colors on repeat. Party mode will allow the light to change color in time to music, so it goes great with the music.

Number 4: The Solove Titan 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank. Yes you heard it a 20,000mAh power bank. This thing is a beast. For those who don’t understand what that mAh is, here’s an example; you can charge up your iPhone 6s at least 7 times, iPhone 6s Plus 5 times, the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge 7 times, and a Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge+ around 5 times. (Can also depend if you use your phone while charging or if you have fast charging capability). Has a little display showing how much percentage of the power bank’s battery is left. This is a great gift for those who are always running out of battery. This is priced slightly higher than the items on this list at $45.00 on Amazon right now.

Number 5: The Anker 9ft / 2.7m Premium Extra Long Lightning to USB Cable. For the iPhone users out there we all know the number 1 struggle you have: the charging cable. The stock charging cable is cheap and short, and will start breaking in a month or two until it stops working (should’ve gotten an android lol). That’s why you get the Anker 9ft long lightning cable. It’s sold by Amazon’s #1 charging brand; Anker (I love Anker). It’s an Apple MFi Certified cable that’s 3X Longer, and 4X More Durable. With an incredible price tag of just $12.00. This is the perfect gift for iPhone users that want a longer, better cable.

With all these tech deals for the holidays I would recommend buying them now for I do not know when the prices can change. Thanks a lot for reading through and tune in next week as I introduce 5 more cool tech gifts for the holidays, you’ll thank me.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve got any ideas!




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