Book Review: Different

If any of you have taken the time to read my bio here on the site, then you know that I am big into two things; pirates and superheroes. Oddly enough, I’ve been into heroes for a while, though not as long as pirates. The whole pirate stage came on after the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the hero stage… Well, I’m not so sure how that one started.

Nonetheless, I ran across some interesting stories while in my superhero stage. One series in particular caught my eye, as I was dry much into the “elemental” related heroes. Out of sheer luck I found the Tainted Elements Series by Alicia Linwood.

The first book in the series, Different, starts you out in a whole new reality. The main character, Moira, is gifted with the elemental power of wind. She’s studying to better herself in her element and the future looks bright. That is, until she develops a strange new power… blue fire.

(Warning! Some spoilers below!)

To Moira’s knowledge this power didn’t exist. However, when her mother, a scientist working to try and cure “magic disease”, is troubled as she is not sure if her daughter has the disease or not, the family decides to take off to an island. However, there is a catch to the island they’re headed to. On the island of Roivenna is covered with people who suffer magic disease.

People with the disease develop strange symptoms that cause them to crave the powers of other people. And he stronger the element of their prey, the more they crave it. Moira’s father has this disease, but he was able to get it under control. Fortunately, it is discovered that Moira does not have the disease, but has actually developed another element, that of her father’s.

But some strange developments come about on the island and before Moira knows it, she is dragged into the adventure of a lifetime and also discovers that she is not alone.

Overall, the book has a strange flow. Though the storyline and plot were great, they did seem to overcrowd the story. In some areas the story flowed pretty steady but was rushed in others. If you like a fast paced story that gets straight to the point, this is the series for you. There’s also action, mystery, and a hint of romance here and there.

Currently there are six books in the series. There is also a series that took place before the Tainted Element Series called the Element Preserver Series. The stories actually tie together… Sorta. The main character from the Element a preserver Series is Moira’s mother’s best friend. I liked how Linwood tied both the series’ together, which only made things a bit more intriguing. It was also comforting to know that there was plenty of content to read.

Give the book a chance! You can download the first book for free on iBooks. You might just like it, perhaps enough so to read the series! So let me know what you think in the comments below or leave a book suggestion or two.





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