HE’S JUST SO PRETTY: The Many Sides of Cyan Picard

On September 17, 2015 I made my decision – my decision to reveal the many different sides of Cyan Picard. Cyan, a member of the journalism team, happily provides us with much amusement and laughter.

For instance, earlier today Cyan got a hold on my phone and proceeded to litter my SnapChat with many clips of myself and my friends (which were rather hilarious). My story, by the end of the day, was incredibly long.

Cyan is basically a bundle of spontaneity, charisma, nonsense, and sarcasm. She is also convinced that she will marry an Asian-American. The following are a bunch of quotes from today alone.


*As Cyan weeps over Yoon Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN* “He’s just so pretty!!” *Shows me picture of Korean idol, Yoon Jeonghan with long, blonde hair.* “Look at him!” *Begins to introduce me to all the members of SEVENTEEN as I zone out and record what’s happening.*


“They’re all so much taller than me!” *Wails*

I guess one could say, in a word, that Cyan is blunt; in a funny sense of course. She always makes those around her laugh. And even though she thinks herself to look “too young”, call herself a “fetus”, and also thinks herself to be “too short” I’ve got some news for her and everyone else out there.

Cyan is awesome. At yearbook the other day we were looking at the pictures she’d selected, and even though she’d said she didn’t care for a particular photo, she looked fabulous in it.

Many people take themselves for granted, but if they just saw what they’re friends who care about them see in them and how they look at them, they’d have a better appreciation for themselves.

So today, how about you go out there and give a compliment or two? You might just make a new (and spontaneously awesome) friend.

Photo credit (original): ask seventeen (tumblr)



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