College Prep: Scholarships

Sometimes it can be difficult to have the motivation to fill out college applications. It’s actually really important to at least try. Most scholarships you apply for, you will most likely not receive. Don’t lose hope! If you apply for enough, you will get some! It’s basically money with no strings attached! It will help you a lot throughout your college years.

ScholarshipThe best scholarships to apply for are those that offer lower amounts of money like $300-$500 because theres less of a chance that a lot of people are applying. The higher the amount, the more people will have applied. Depending on your resume and transcripts as well as your writing skills, the higher chance you have of winning the scholarship – So get your grades up! Practice your writing!

Many scholarships don’t require much at all! for example, at, the offer a 2 sentence scholarship every week! Other websites to check out are:,,,,,,,, and

These websites are free and easy to use. It’s good to take advantage of every opportunity. They’re easy, and don’t go on your transcripts – so it doesn’t hurt to try!

Have any more websites to suggest? Post them in the comments below!


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