College Prep: College Courses

If you have time during your high school career to take college courses, do it! It might seem daunting but trust me, if you have the time,you will not regret it. The good thing about taking college courses in high school is that they really prepare you for what college is really going to be like. They are more advanced and much more difficult. online-education-

Taking college courses while still in HighSchool is a big commitment. Make sure you have enough time to complete them! Many times, the course will have the approximated amount of hours it will take you per week to complete the course successfully. Take those numbers seriously! It may seem like a ridiculous amount, but they’re not kidding!

However, don’t let these numbers daunt you. If you have time on your hands, it should be no problem! It doesn’t have to be done all at once. An hour here, an hour there every day should do the trick! Just make sure you take a breath. Give your brain a brake! You’ll over do it and you will not be able to think properly after awhile. Get up, walk around, eat a snack – do anything you can to clear your head for at least a couple minutes!

Do not be afraid to ask for help! Often, these courses will be online. It may seem that there isn’t someone that can really help you, but there is! Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers at school for help! They went through college and it’s their job! They’re happy to help – and it gets them away from the “norm” of classes everyday.

Take the time to really enjoy what you’re learning. It is something you should choose to do, and for the most part, it’s all in your own time. Take advantage of that! Take the time to really get into what you’re studying! If you need motivation – this course you’re taking – it’ll make you smarter than everyone else… ;P

Do you take any college courses? Let us know in the comments below!


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