What Are You Thankful For?

We are in the month of Thanksgiving. Which means turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, TURKEY, AND MORE TURKEY, maybe chicken if you one of those people. But what most people forgot is what it’s really about. It’s in the name itself; Thanksgiving. This is a time for giving thanks for the things you have and appreciating them. So I went out and asked a few people what they were thankful for.

Being able to go to a school like this, and i guess God’s blessings in general, and my family.

– Jared Allain (Senior)

I’m thankful for family, food, and a country where i can do what i want without being judged.

– Daniel Hammond (Sophmore)

Life, IDK, breathing waking up, my family and friends, Jesus Christ.

– Gilbert Cartagena (Senior)

Love, food

– Luis Guillen (Sophmore)

My Family, job, grace, and things that make me laugh

Mr. Kevin Bisson (Math Teacher)

My friends, that i get to have a good christian education, and that we finally get to have a cheer team.

– Bianna Lopez (Freshman)

God, friends, J’s, barbers, lotion, girls.

– Isaiah Baker (8th Grade)

I’m thankful for all of my students.

– Mr. Jeffery Lambert (Principal)

                          Family, friends, love, cars.

– Nathan Noel (Junior)

Family and friends who love me enough to forgive my mistakes, and know me well enough to make me laugh and lift my mood. I’m also very thankful for a loving and forgiving God.

– Ms. Kate Rowe (History Teacher)

My life, and God and my family.

– Isaiah Henry (Freshman)

Life and everything good that comes in life, also thankful for God.

– Josh Mularczyk (Freshman)


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