Is it good to have a job in high school?

About 83% of high school students have a job when they enter high school. But the question we will be trying to answer is whether it is good to have a job in high school or not. Now our first point will be the pros of having a job.

Pros: Having a job in high school can give you a lot of benefits, such as the most important part, money. This is the main reason that high school kids get jobs, and it’s a great one too. This can help them pay of student loans, or maybe they can help their parents out with rent and bills. Having a job will also help them understand responsibilities, and helps them understand what real life will feel like. Another great thing is that when the college board look at the students application, then the will see that they also had a job along with their grades. Sometimes that can help you get into a good college or university.

Cons: Having a job in high school can put a lot of stress on you. If you are barely able to keep up with school work, then having a job is not for you, as it will only increase the amount of stress that you already have. Another bad thing is not having a job that you want, but are still doing it. That will only increase that stress you put on yourself even more than school has already put on you. Another point that I have to point out is that if you’re a person who procrastinates a lot, having a job is a really bad idea, since you can’t handle normal responsibilities then you can’t handle big ones like having a job.

Do you having something to add? Be sure to comment down below on whether you think it’s a good idea or not to have a job in high school.


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