Christmatrophy: Has it Gone too Far?

While some have already expressed outrage at Starbucks’ premature change of seasonal cups leaving a storm of #merrychristmasstarbucks across the net, what about the other stores that have started putting up Christmas decorations *cough* Macy’s,or selling them *cough* Michaels,since October, much to the dismay of those who like to enjoy the proper passing of seasons.

So the question remains as to why did I see Christmas decorations in the middle of October? The answer happens to lie within the average consumers wallet, aka money, Moolah, denero, cash, dead presidents, or whatever you like to call it. The baseline is that I’ve noticed a steady onslaught of Christmas commercials lately and it’s not even Thanksgiving! 

Why America?

Because parents think that it’s ok to teach there children that it’s always Christmas in their hearts, and department stores think that it’s ok to sell Christmas products in the middle of fall as long as Christmas fanatics like my mother keep buying them. Therefore leaving us poor normal souls with an unwarranted two extra months of the Christmas season. 

So how do we stop this?

It’s too late, the franchise has grown too big we can no longer control it, Christmas has become more of a business than a holiday ( I say as I listen to Christmas music). But there are  simple ways to protect you and your loved ones from Christmatrophy, a chronic disease that affects far too much of the nation. Symptoms include, singing Christmas carols, decorating, baking Christmas themed treats, or buying Christmas gifts early because, ” They were on sale”. Doing any of these acts prematurely whether inclusively or singularly may suggest you visit a specialist. As the disease is serious and sometimes fatal. 

Please feel free to donate to your local Salvation Army or actual person in need to rid yourself of these destructive consumerist ideas, and see that Christmas, just like any other holiday needs to stay in its lane. 


Before it’s too late. 


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