Diesel or Gasoline

The difference between Diesel and Gas engines for most people is well, diesel is more expensive than gas. But there is a lot more that has to go into each engine. They are the same in some ways such as they both convert chemical energy from fuel into mechanical energy through a series of explosions. They both use crude oil except for the fact that diesel is a higher component while gasoline is a lighter one. When gas is sprayed into a cylinder it begins to vaporize immediately. Unlike diesel which takes longer to vaporize. When the gas is sprayed into the cylinder with air, a spark is immediately delivered and the combustion is made which creates the stroke that make power.


By: Diesel.com


 Diesel on the other had is less flammable and heavier. To cause the combustion necessary to power the engine, the pistons need to be compressed at a high compression rate and a higher temperature. What is the up side to these engines? Gas engines are cheaper to build and they don’t require high temperatures to combust, but require more fuel. Diesel engines cost more to build and need heat to combust, meaning it is harder to start a diesel engine in the cold than it is for a gas engine. But they require less fuel and are tougher. If you need an engine that can take a beating get a diesel engine, but if you want a wimpy soft engine… go to your nearest VW dealer and get any of their gasoline models.

Let me know if you would like to know more about these engines.


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