This week I had the opportunity to write about any religion I would like. I choose Shinto. Hope you all enjoy. There many amazing facts or information the religion . These are the basis for many important facts of the religion.

Kami is a force close to that of a human. The religion say that there are 8 million million kami in the world. Kami is very involved in human events and the spiritual world. Kami mean mystical superior divine power.Shinto is a major cornerstone in the Japanese culture that was formed by nature worshippers, but Shinto has no official founder. There are no official religious writing for the Shinto religion. Believers say that people are born pure and evil enters them. The idea of death or the dead is considered polluting.Purity is at the heart of Shintoism. They use it to understand good and evil. Impurity is anything that separates from kami or musubi(which is anything that is creative or harmonizing). Shinto doesn’t require it to be your only belief. In Reality Shinto is not viewed as a religion. To finish off I will explain one god. Her name is Amaterasu. She was born under her father’s eye as he washed himself to be purified after he came back from the underworld. She was supposed to have painted Japan into existence.

I hope you all enjoyed this segment and you can leave your comments about this article if you would like.

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