College Prep: College Essays

Although this is an Adventist Academy, you may not want to go to an Adventist University. The process of college applications then becomes different. The Adventist Universities come directly to us and all we as students need to do is fill out the application, send in transcripts, and standardized test scores.
When applying to almost any other college, there is at least one required essay. Every year, a list is released with the essay topics and requirements that you must follow. You have to write one and submit it to each college essay-writingyou apply to. It’s an important aspect of your application because it gives you an opportunity to share a bit more about yourself that will make you a unique candidate to the college you are applying to.
Once you narrow it down to one topic, make sure you have a point you are trying to make with your essay. Do not ramble on about something. Don’t jump from topic to topic. It’s important to stay on one topic – a story or experience. Share what you learned from it or something you want others to learn!
You also have to make sure that you relay something that the admissions officer doesn’t already know from your transcripts. If you talk about how you have good grades, your essay will be pointless. Make it interesting for the reader! Captivate them with descriptions and feelings. Immerse them into your experience! These people can read through hundreds of essays and this essay could push you through to acceptance.
Try keeping the essay current. Don’t talk about something that happened when you were 5 years old. Even Middle school is pushing it. They want to know who you are today. Of course, you can put in little details from your childhood that lead into the current story – but again, keep it current.

Do you have any stories that are rare and interesting? Go for those! Write about something that the admissions officer may never have heard of before. The internet is full of examples of great essays. So what did we cover? Is it unique, appropriate, recent, did it influence you into becoming who you are today, and do you have concrete examples and imagery? Keep these things in mind when choosing the topic, coming up with an outline, and writing for your final product! Good luck!

Do you have any good essay examples? If so, share them with us below!


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