College Prep: Leadership Roles

imagesTaking any kind of leadership role is a big responsibility. Whether you lead out in drama, are a team captain, class president, secretary, or leading in community outreach – it’s all important. I myself am the Student Association President, and I have a lot of responsibilities. Some of these include planning the school handshake at the beginning of the year, Fall Festival, banquets, holiday celebrations, and more.
You may ask, “is it worth it?”, and I am here to tell you, it most definitely is. You see, although I am the president, it does not mean I do everything myself. I have a great team who works with me. The treasurer, secretary, public relations, sergeant at arms, vice president and pastor all have their own designated jobs. I am there to oversee them and make sure everything runs along smoothly.

That is just one example of my leadership roles. I have always held a position in the class office, and I am also in charge of a program here at school called Friday Night Lights (FNL). Granted, it is a lot of work and requires complete dedication so what I have learned from these is that you need to be extremely dedicated and driven to accomplish all that needs to be done. These are the types of attributes that admission officers look for. Take these leadership opportunities! They teach you many important life skills such as team work, decisiveness, and social skills. You learn how to make smart important decisions, time-management, and assertion.

Having leadership roles on your application will tell the admission officer that you’re not afraid to work hard and that you are wholeheartedly giving your all. College is the place to be decisive. When you pursue something, you have to go all the way – 100%.

Do you have any of these attributes? If so, elaborate below!


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