Stephen LaFrankie My Time at SLA

Written by Stephen LaFrankie

I’ve been at SLA since Pre-School, and being a Senior and watching my time left at this school IMG_0051quickly dwindle out is a bittersweet moment. It’s sweet because of the fact that I’m finally done with high school and can move on with a new chapter of my life. The bitterness is due to the fact that I’ll be leaving what has been such a huge part of my life for so long. Not to mention the fact that seeing my friends that I’ve been with for years will most likely become a very rare occurrence. Yes, there has been times that I wished I had gone to a different school, preferably a public one. But when I think back on how this school has given me such a great opportunities with not only gift of being able to grow in my walk with God, but to make such strong bonds with people that will be in my mind forever, my doubts fade. I’ve learned a lot at SLA through the courses I’ve taken, the experiences I’ve had (especially Senior Survival), and the teachers I was so blessed to get to know. I’m leaving feeling like I’m prepared to take on college and the struggles life will bring thereafter.

– Thank you Stephen LaFrankie for your experience from Pre-School to SLA!

Feel free to share with us below about your best memory in high school.


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