2016 Ford Fusion Titanium AWD


By: Ford.com

When I think about a sporty car that is stylish and fun to drive, a BMW M3 comes to mind, Maybe even an Audi or Mercedes. I would have never thought about a Ford Fusion, but I am now! The 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium AWD is a compact car that packs a punch. Not as much as the M3’s 425 hp or the S5’s 333 hp, but it does do a good 231 hp produced buy the ecoboost inline 4 stored under the hood. Driving to work may take less time and be a little bit more fun with the 6-speed shiftable automatic gear box. That’s right, you can choose what gear you want when you want! Gas prices got you down? The Fusion does 30 combined mpg. This compact car gives you the comfort as well with the heated front and rear seats as well as the cooled front seats and with Sony Premium Brand Speakers, listening to music gets a lot better. Now the BMW does have 425 hp but priced at $53,000 while the Fusion is priced at $33,000. For the price, it’s a deal!

Have a car that you want to know more about? Tell me and I will talk about it.


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