Preparing for College: Standardized Testing

College is a place where individuals expand their horizons. New opportunities arise, and choices that will affect the rest of your life will need to be made. Deciding where to go to college can be extremely nerve-racking… First, how do you even go about applying to college? Where do you even start regarding colleges and universities whatsoever? Thankfully, I have some experience and can share some of my wisdom. Each week, we will go over new topics.


Standardized Testing:

Okay, we all know about the SAT and ACT. Some take it extremely seriously, and some don’t. Rule 1, DON’T FREAK OUT! Now that I am applying to colleges, I have more understanding that I will impart on you. Rule 2, take the time every day to study for these from day 1. Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes a day. Many colleges accept students solely based on these tests. The sooner you start to study, the better you will do. You will not regret it. Take classes, get tutoring, do anything that will help you.

Some of you may not test well. Don’t worry! Some colleges are going “test optional” which means you do not have to submit any standardized tests. Instead, they may ask you to write an extra essay or submit some kind of project. Either way, they will accept you based on your transcripts, and teacher recommendations. While applying for these types of colleges, DO NOT send in your standardized test scores even if you have them (unless your scores are very high). This may only hurt your chances of being accepted.

The day before you take the test, don’t stress yourself out. This will weaken you not only mentally, but physically as well. Go over some problems you may have trouble with, eat a nice supper, and go to bed early. In the morning, or whenever you take the test, bring water, a snack, pray, and trust yourself to remember what you studied. The more you stress, the less you’re likely to remember.

Share your experiences or wisdom below!


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