How To Achieve Social and Academic Balance

It seems like everyone in school faces one huge challenge. A challenge so big, that even those outside school face it all throughout life.


Yes. I said that word.

*Cue the thunder and lightening. Add in spooky music.*

Oh, balance. The nightmare of those especially in high school. The trouble with balance is that there are also the two extremes at either end of the spectrum, with balance in the middle of course. On one end we find the socialites; those people that can never stop talking. The other extreme is the total academic addicts. Neither socializing nor perfect grades are a bad thing; in fact both are healthy – when in balance.

When people socialize too much they will quickly see the results. It will be difficult to keep grades up as they probably focus more on their social achievements, the people they spoke to, where they went with the group (like theme parks). They’ll also come to a huge wake up call; once they leave high school and head off to college the expectation bar will be raised and things will get pretty crazy.

The academic addicts might not realize it, but if they only focus on work and not the humans around them, then they’ll come to be lonely (I speak from experience). Humans need to socialize as it serves as a release for stress. And who doesn’t like to leave high school with good memories with friends?

So here are a couple of things that can help those who fall more on to one side on the spectrum.

To the socialites:

Set time aside to study with no distractions. Just get it done and over with so you can do whatever you want afterwards – maybe even go out to see a movie with a bunch of friends. Try out a study group with people who use different learning styles or similar ones to you.

To the academic addicts:

Take part in academy days and community days at your school. This’ll help you to reach out to your community, get in some community service hours, and hang out with people all at the same time. Keep in mind that not everything is about studying. While excellent grades are awesome, you might want to set some separate time aside for your to go out and hang out with classmates. Try watching a movie, going to the beach, iceskating, a sleepover, anything that’ll create fantastic memories with no regrets.

How about you? Which side of the scale do you fall on? Feel free to share below about your biggest struggle concerning social and academic balance, and perhaps a solution that worked for you.


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