Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?

imageColumbus Day is a holiday that we have all known for quite some time, but since there is a possibility that some might have not heard of this holiday for some reason, let me explain what this holiday is. Columbus Day is a holiday in which we remember that an explorer named Christopher Columbus who discovered the Americas. Sounds like a holiday worth celebrating right? Well there are more than enough facts that might just change your mind.

To begin with, Columbus wasn’t the first one to discover the Americas. There is an account of Vikings actually finding this land before anyone else, and nomadic tribes that sailed from North Russia all the way to Alaska. The second point is what that day meant for most Natives living there at the time. Columbus would ship them on boats to be enslaved. Children were not spared, and some times were even killed by the atrocities that Columbus did them. Another thing is that Columbus even took some young girls for his own crew to do what they wish with them.

Then there’s how people celebrate it. Since I’m a high school student I know that Columbus Day is already a day off for us, and that’s all it is. Sometimes I don’t even remember about this holiday at all until I know we have the day off. And I know that most kids see this day as that as well. What happens is that kids think of it as an escape from school, and use it as an excuse to skip a day in school.

The final point is who Columbus actually was. He was a man who was on the verge of being homeless, being fired from the navy and having no other skill. So what he did was he proposed the idea that the world was round and went from country to country being rejected until finally, he came to Spain, and since the country was behind the exploration race, they hired him out of pure desperation. Columbus wasn’t some scholar who calculated that the earth might be round, but he was just a man desperate for a break, and went with a hunch made by another older scientist.

Posthumous portrait of Christopher Columbus by Sebastiano del Piombo, 1519. There are no known authentic portraits of Columbus.

What do you think of our reasoning? Should Columbus Day be celebrated or not? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think.


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