Alumni Weekend 2015

The weekend of October 9 through the 11th, 2015, is an exciting weekend for the Southern New England Conference community in the South Lancaster area. This is because it is the annual Alumni Weekend. Attending will be alumni from previously graduated classes and current students from South Lancaster Academy. The event is meant to bring alumni together in fellowship and to be appreciated for all the wonderful things they do for our school. Not only do they help to keep things running by donating to the school, they also donate to help students attend who may not otherwise be able to.Some of the activities include a car wash and spaghetti dinner offered by the current SLA seniors, vespers hosted by the Il Voce singing group (of SLA) and the Youth ensemble of New England (of the Thayer Performing Arts Center). Conducting Voce this is Mrs. Katie (class of ’82) and conducting the ensemble Dr. Connie Writtenhouse Drexler (class of ’74).

On Sabbath there will be, of course, a church service and then lunch at the Chan Shun dining commons. Following this will be class meetings at SLA and vespers at the Village Church which will be hosted by Earl Raney (class of ’80). Then there will be an evening dinner and program at Thayer which is titled “Back to the 60’s” and then a basketball and volleyball tournament for the alumni to face off against the current teams.

One of the most exciting events is special to us this year. It’s called the “Building for Eternity Banquet”. This will be held in a nearby hotel and will include food, special music, speakers, and ultimately be a formal and enjoyable fellowship supper. The banquet will also present the opportunity to hear testimonies from people who are called by the Holy Spirit to donate to the new school. I know many are looking forward to this occasion!

Seems we have quite the unique weekend ahead of us. So, will you be attending?


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