Mr. Lambert’s Sledgehammer

This is Mr. Lambert’s first weeks as principal. I decided that I would interview him to get to know him. I decided to take him back to his high school years with a question and also got an inside look on his view of his of teaching. 

Daniel: What is your name?

Jeff: Jeffery Lambert.

Daniel: Where did you go to school?

Jeff: I went to Southern University, Atlantic Union, and Mount Wachusett.

Daniel: How old are you?

Jeff: 31.

Daniel: Do you like this school?

Jeff: Yes it runs through my veins, I went to school here and always wanted to make it a better place.

Daniel: Did you like high school when you were young?

Jeff: Not as much as I should have been. I had to work very hard in college because I decided to put off getting serious about my academics until then. It was a learning experience I try to share with students so they don’t take that hard road like I did.

Daniel: When did you start teaching?

Jeff: I was a substitute at a high school in Tennessee and have worked full time in South Lancaster Academy for nine years.

Daniel: Who is your idol for teaching if you have one?

Jeff: Howard Gardener because of his book “The Uneducated Mind” , I like him because in his book he talks about different types of learners, which I agree with.

Daniel: Do you think teaching is an important job?

Jeff: Yes, without teachers there are no other professions.

Daniel: What would you say to kids that want a career in teaching?

Jeff: If you really want to be a teacher you need to accept two facts: most students won’t appreciate your work until later, and you must put students before yourself.

Daniel: Is there anything you would like me to add?

Jeff: I have two sayings that I like to live by. The first is “what you do in your life echoes in eternity”, and “life is full of brick walls; always carry a sledgehammer”.

Daniel: Thank you very much for the interview.

Jeff: No, thank you.

What do you think about the new SLA principle so far? Feel free to comment below!


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