The Tropical Getaway

imageMy name is Daniel and this  summer I went on a trip to Honduras, the lovely country in Central America. On my trip I went to many places that you would consider young, wild, and free. Please enjoy and you can reply in the comments if you would like to ask questions.

My trip to Honduras was one of the most memorable trips in my life. I went to Honduras at the start of July and returned early August with my family. I am not a big fan of planes and that was exactly what we did, we took a nine hour plane ride. We took a longer route that we should have, just my luck. We landed in San Pedro Sula. Then we drove into the mountainous area of Pena Blanca. We stayed there with my mothers godmother. She was the most kind loving person you could ever meet. She cooked homemade foods that made your mouth water at the smell. We stayed there for one week and a half. During that week we went to a VBS (vacation bible school) were we helped with teaching and giving out clothes and food. When that ended we headed to Roaton, the most beautiful island ever. We stayed at a hotel which had its own private beach and island. On the island were many exotic animals such as monkeys,toucans, Jaguars, and a lion. The island was a safe haven for these animals that were rescued and saved. We got the chance to hold the monkeys and snorkel in the private reef that contained many beautiful fish. We ate Honduran classics  such as tortillas with beans and a special sauce.  After another week in Pena Blanca of relaxing the trip ended. I loved the country of Honduras  and had an awesome time. I hope to return next year.


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