SLA Handshake

On Monday August 31,2016, it was a beautiful sunny day. All of the students that attend SLA, freshman to seniors, went on a field trip to Salisbury Beach. It was a social event for all the students to get know each other better and meet new people.
To start the day we had worship at the beach. Then there was a little sand sculpture competition between each class had to build a sand sculpture.Whoever won got points that goes towards the end of the year for a prize. After the judges came by the sand sculpture. Freshman won first place and seniors won second place in the end. Afterwards students had free time.
A lot of the students went swimming or tanning. All of the students had a great time at the beach.

 “Getting dragged by the waves and throwing a crab leg at Hannah was my favorite part. And it’s better being at the beach than being in school.”

-Laiza Silva, Junior

“My favorite part about the beach was spending time with his friends, and being outdoors.”

-Gabe Gloss, Junior 

“I really liked the sand sculpture project because I got buried like a mermaid.”

-Danny Hammond, Sophomore

“The fun activities and spending time with friends.”

Abner Marte, Freshman

“How we got to get out of school and enjoy the free time at the beach. Also meeting the upper classmates.”

Elvis Sanchez, Freshman

” The sand sculpture was the best part and just hanging out was fun.”

– Christelle Omeler, Senior

The field trip to the beach was a success!

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share with us your favorite time at the handshake or a favorite school event below!


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