SLA Starts New Journey: the Compass Program

It was August 24, the first day of school in the 2015-2016 school year. Every high school student was called into the worship foo for a welcome into the new year by the new Students Association team and our brand new principle, Jeffrey Lambert (you can read more about that in Mr. Lambert’s Sledgehammer). After a brief presentation given by DeAnna Brown, the SA President, concerning upcoming events for the high school this year, Mr. Lambert stepped up to the podium. He then brought us some exciting news about some new privileges offered by SLA alone. One of the many was the all new a Compass Program. Lambert explains the new program was made to “provide students with weekly supported time to develop their future college and career plans.”

Lambert also wrote a brief introduction to the program explaining its importance;

“Every student wants to be successful. It’s our job to provide them the tools to reach their highest level of achievement in the academic, social and spiritual lives. Our “Compass” Program aims to provide weekly programs and workshops, combined with individual attention from caring educators, to ensure all-around personal growth for each and every student at SLA. Students are divided into groups of “advisers” in career-focused programs headed by educators in that subject area.”

The first is the S. T. E. M. area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and the two teachers that will be in charge of this area are no other than Mr. Bisson and Mrs. Brahmia. The second option is the Humanities area taught by Mrs. Robidoux, Mr. Lambert, and our new History and Journalism teacher, Miss Rowe. The following is the Ministry area led by Pastor Niño and Mr. Fellows. Next is the Vocational Arts area hosted by Mr. Cook and Mr. Nosek. Lastly, there’s the Business & Finance led by Mr. Morales and Mrs. Vandenbroek. The students are able to choose a different course if they so choose.

The program works on a four week schedule, so for the first week there is a general assembly when speakers come to aid the students in growing and rounding them out focusing on the area of the students’ choosing. For week two, a College Road-map is held where the students are shown how two write college essays, learn about majors, and entrance scores for colleges. They will learn of new tools and concepts they can use to their advantage towards their future careers. Week three brings guest speakers for each Focus Area who will cover different career options each week as well as share about their career. And for the final week of each rotation, a grade checkup is held to make sure the students are staying on track towards their career and are shown new strategies to help them conquer their goals.


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