New Beginnings 

It’s a new school year here at SLA and the footsteps of students have only grown heavier and heavier as the week proceeded to drag on. With the start of the academic year, parents are the ones rejoicing now that the dreaded summer vacation is over and the children are no longer left unoccupied and unsupervised. And with the excitement and eagerness of the first day now long gone, high schoolers all across campus have now settled into the repetitive schedule and have been forced to accept the grim reality known as the future. 

But not everyone seems to think the same way when it comes to the topic of the new school year, so I took to the halls and asked some of the students the tough question that no one wants to answer, “How do you feel now that you’re back in school?”

“I think it’s a lot of work, but I can do it.”

-Kiara LePlatte, Sophmore

“It feels like it’s been months and it’s only been four days.”

Izzy Ferreira, Junior

“I think it’s gonna be better than the rest because Mr. Lambert is principal, and I think that’s a really good position for him.”

-Joel Morin, Freshman

“It’s different because I’m from public school and I’m used to a bigger class size, we also didn’t have Bible.”

Ashley Da Silva, Senior

Faces both old and new are excited and scared for the new year but one thing is certain, we’re all gonna die we must keep a positive outlook on the situation. How do you feel about the school year? Are you excited? Scared? Are you tired of reading this article? Well so am I!


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