Electroholic Academia

Here at SLA there are many opinions of technology. I interviewed a few students and teachers about their opinions and what they preferred in school asking them about the pros vs. cons of technology in school. Here are some of their thoughts:

Victoria Leite, SLA sophomore, ” It’s easier to look things up and do your work.”

Some students agreed with this opinion and appreciated how it is lighter to carry around in your backpack than the usual textbooks.

Izzy Ferreira, a junior, thinks, “it’s a waste of money and isn’t worth it.” She prefers to have textbooks than iPads. She also mentioned that when she was a freshman she had to buy textbooks which cost roughly $50.00. But then the school switched to iPads/ technology. Izzy also commented on how it was expensive because she had to buy an iPad. Izzy still had textbooks from freshman year and she couldn’t sell them. Plus she had to buy books online and “wasted” a lot of money.

So what are the pros and cons of using technology in school? Its very convenient and it has its advantages to research. The cons is your tempted to be distracted and playing games instead of doing your work or even looking at things online.

I had the privilege to ask Mr. Fellows his opinion:

“I prefer books because they are less distracting and easier on the eyes.” He also added, “It’s better to write on books, highlight and take notes. Technology could go away and the power drains; but not with books.”

Mr. Bisson’s opinion was slightly different as he had mix feelings for iPads and computers.

“It is an unavoidable necessity and we have to try to get pass. Either way, technology is going to come whether we like it or not.”

There are a lot of tools with technology that students can take advantage of. The teachers, however, may need to pay attention to students who are prone to surfing the internet (games or social media).  As well should the kids just need to do their part and try not get distracted.

if you have any comments about this article?


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