Remember Katrina 

Ten years ago a major disaster occurred on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Read, remember and leave your feedback in the comments of you would like to.

August 29 of 2005 a major hurricane hit New Orleans,Louisiana  and many other states and cities around it. It is considered one of the five major hurricanes in the history of the United States. The name of this hurricane was Katrina .Katrina was not the most dangerous but is considered one of the most costly storms in the United States. The total cost was estimated to be 100 billion dollars . The aftermath include major flooding in 80%of the city of New Orleans. Some areas the water reached to be 9 meters[ 29 feet ] which had actually forced people to move to there rooftops for safety. The water reached New Orleans by heavy rain and drainage and the city’s unstable water levees. Some of the water actually seeped underneath the soil. This caused major distress and lots of problems, so many problems that George W. Bush sent out a state of emergency for Louisiana. The hurricane effected Louisiana, Alabama,Mississippi, but effected New Orleans the most. Most of the people living there were 67% black. The sad truth is 30% lived in poor conditions which did not help them when the the storm hit.This hurricane was a very sad moment for the United States, we need to understand that this changed many people lives. This was a very sad time for the country and we should remember each and every one of the people who were affected.


Information gathered from:

“Hurricane Katrina.” A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 04 Sept. 2015.

  Photo credit: NOAA


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