SLA Academy Awards 2014-2015 Recap

Some students strive to be the best the can be in school. Academic awards are promoted so the students can be recognized for their hard work in the class room and leadership example to the school. South Lancaster Academy is coming to an end of this academic school year and had their traditional academy awards ceremony to reward the most outstanding students who showed great effort and maintain a high grade throughout this year, and even throughout all the high school career. All teachers in each department have evaluated each student thoroughly to see who deserves the class certificates, departmental plaques, college scholarships and perfect GPA award.

Mr. Cook presented Lisa Gifford her 1,000 point basketball banner.

Mr. Cook presented Lisa Gifford her 1,000 point basketball banner.

Math Department

Departmental Award- Samantha Crowley

Algebra 1- Olivia Howes
Algebra 2- Alexis King
Geometry- Yung Gi
Precal- Jared Allain
Senior- Jay park
Physics- Josiah Rom
History Department
Departmental Award- Alyssa Christoph
Journalism Plaque- Nawal Habib
World History- Olivia Howes
U.S. History- Zach Mularczyk
Government- Sabrina Mapes
AP gov- Todd LeShane
Multi cultural- Cassie Fuller
Business Department
Business Award- Yung Gi
Yearbook Award- Tori Stong
Accounting- Sophia Cantrell and Sophia Bruso
Computer apps- Giana Muchiutti and Lisa Gifford
Web Design – Nick Morin
Intro to Business- Jay Park, Aaron Comley and Gebo Cartegena
Science Department
Science Award- Ellen DeOliveira
Physical Science- Olivia Howes
Biology- Alyssa Christoph and Zach Mularczyk
Zoology- Laiza Silva
Genetics- Sophia Cantrell
Chemistry- Yung Gi and Jared Allain
Anatomy and Physiology- Kleyton Rossi
Spanish Department
Spanish Award- Zach Mularczyk
Spanish 1- Gillian Stevenson
Spanish 2- Christina Fuller
English Department
English Award- Tori Stong
English 1- Lurene Omeler
English 2- Laiza Silva
English 3- Sabrina Mapes
English 4- Amber Sanchez
Religion Department
Religion Award- Amber Sanchez
Bible 1- Giana Muchiutti
Bible 2- Alyssa Christoph
Bible 3- Yung Gi
Bible 4- Dylan Gibbons
Gym Department 
Athletic  Award- Lisa Gifford and Michael Olivera
P.E. 1- Evan Garridy
P.E. 2- Alexis King
P.E. 3- Nathan Howes
P.E. 4- Igor Yoshida
Choir/Voce Department 
Music Award- Brenda Castro
Soprano- Christina Fuller
Alto- Giana Muchiutti
Tenor- Dietrich Derequito
Base- Alison Fernandes
Soprano- Rosie Collado
Alto- Loree Drasich
Tenor- Michael Olivera
Bass- Zach Mularczyk
Fine Arts Department 
Art- Alena Bruso
Video- Dylan Gibbons
Automechanics- Josiah Rom
Woodworking- Gabe Taveras
South Lancaster Academy Outstanding Student Award Highest GPA 4.0
Freshmen- Giana Muchiutti and Gillian Stevenson
Sophomore- Zach Mularcyk, Alexi King and Alyssa Cristoph
Junior- Devin Crowley
Senior- Tori Stong and Samantha Crowley
-Andrews University
 $24,000- Alena Bruso
 $34,000- Dylan Gibbons
Be The Salt $24,000 – Jorge Huerfano
Be The Salt $34000 –  Tori Stong
Be The Salt $34000 – Cassie Fuller
Be The Salt- $44,000 – Sam Crowley

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