Anonymous Advocate: A Guide to Flunking Finals

The end of the year is a very exciting time for struggling students everywhere. As the semesters draw to a close, the word that’s on everybody’s lips is the single most terrifying thing that exists to date, finals. And while tearing out your hair,changing your name and moving to some secluded country in Africa are all very good options (highly recommend as well), most of us are poor, underaged, and/or both. So the only other option that students are left with is to study! Pfft.

And so, I’ve graciously compiled a helpful guide on the proper way to flunk finals!

  • Don’t stress

The most likely probability is that even if you fail, like completely, your grades aren’t going to plummet into oblivion. Some exams might be worth more than others, but it’s not your entire grade for the semester.

  • But study hard

Just because I told you not to stress doesn’t mean you don’t study. Don’t slack off just because it’s the end of the year, at least try. Study to the best of your ability, if your teachers let you have a sheet of notes, use the sheet to take notes. If your teacher says that a certain thing will be on the test, study the thing. You can fit everything on that sheet of notes, trust me.

  • Don’t spend too long studying one subject

You’ll only exhaust yourself studying the same subject for hours on end, so take a break every once in a while and pick a different subject to review. You’ll get a lot more covered and your brain will thank you for the change.

  • Remember to sleep too

If you study too hard and don’t sleep, you will fall asleep during the test. Take this from someone who fell asleep twice  during their bible exam. You need to study but you need to sleep as well. Go to sleep at a normal time (12:00 a.m is not normal) and study again when you get up, then review for a little bit before the exam.

  • Take naps!

Who can honestly say (children excluded) that they don’t like naps? But in this case, taking naps could be beneficial to you. While studying and sleeping at night are important, taking naps throughout the day can help refresh your mind and give your brain a fresh start. So take a nap.

  • Use your time wisely

Pfft. Try to use your time wisely. Do you really have time to be partying and hanging out with your friends when you have an exam in the morning on your worst subject? Should you be face-timing your boyfriend when your test tomorrow could possibly give your grade the boost it needs? Probably not. Remember, they don’t care about your grades, chances are, that they’ve already studied (or not) but they’re not looking out for you, you are.

  • Create a schedule 

That being said, you cannot completely devote your day to studying. Make a schedule and assign time slots to each task that you need to complete. It might be hard to keep at first, but it’ll make it easier for you to manage your time by giving you a visual representation on how your using it.

  • You’ll do fine

The only thing holding you back is yourself. Everybody has the potential to be great, don’t waste it because of the petty opinions of others. Work hard and even if you don’t get a perfect score, at least you tried. Hard work always pays off, and the rewards are worth it in the end.



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