Browning’s Spring Fling Concert

On May 12, 2015 at 6:30pm inside the Machlan Auditorium on the AUC campus, drew a crowd growing more and more massive by the passing minute. Families of students from preschool on up to sixth grade filed in an chose their seats, some grabbing their video cameras and others their phones to record their children’s’ performances. When the clock struck 7:00pm, the Spring Fling Browning Concert was ready to begin.

The welcome was given by Theresa Robidoux followed by an opening prayer, and then the first group of kids filled the stage. The fourth graders opened the concert with their original songs on the recorders inspired by spring and the lack there of earlier this year. The three original songs were followed by the Fifth & Sixth Grade Band who played the all-famous jam, Happy by Pharrell Williams. This brilliant performance was followed by the adorable kindergarteners singing a little tune, and then the third grade and their recorders. This was preceded by the wonderful second graders singing along with a group of instrumentalists in a song titled The Instruments.

The next song was equally as amazing when the kindergarteners and the second graders teamed up to sing a funny little tune called Green Eggs and Ham, protesting against the consumption of them in song.

The fourth graders then took the stage again and presented three more original songs and were preceded by the first graders singing about kites. The fifth and sixth graders then teamed up to sing the classic Polly Wolly Doodle and then the third grade recorders played the traditional Yankee Doodle.

And at last, the grand finale had arrived, and all grades took the stage together and sang an amazing song captioned as My America in our handouts. The kids smiled and sang and swayed back and forth to the music, enjoying it every bit as much as the audience did. When the song came to a close, the sound of clapping was near deafening. The kids had done a fantastic job. All the kids’ hard work had paid off, and then some. The closing prayer was given by the soon-to-be principal of SLA, Jeffrey Lambert, and the sound of humming could be heard from some as they left the hall. This years’ Browning spring concert was definitely worth the wait.

And now a special shout out to our fantastic music teacher… Thank you Mrs. Cady!

Have you ever attended a school concert before? If so, what was your favorite piece? We’d love to hear about it, so feel free to leave a comment below!


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