The SA election results are in and it’s looking promising! On Tuesday May 5th, the students of SLA gathered in the downstairs chapel to choose their SA officers for the 2015-2016 school year. Here’s the list of candidates.

President: Allison Fernandes vs. DeAnna Brown

Vice President: Valerie Baez vs. Tristan Johnson

Pastor: Daniel Hammond

Secretary: Chrissie Fuller vs. Christelle Omeler

Treasurer: Olivia Howes vs. Stephen LaFrankie

Sergeant at Arms: Zach Mularczyk

Public Relations: Laiza Graciela vs. Devin Crowley

Each candidate wrote and presented a two minute speech stating why they would be good for their positions. Some candidates, like LaFrankie or Johnson used humor to gain support while others, like Howes, used stories from their childhood or examples of accomplishments to back up their arguments.

At the end, DeAnna Brown and Allison Fernandes had a heated debate in which they answered questions about their potential presidency and what they would do with their power.  Both candidates brought good assets to the table and presented good arguments for their campaign.

The results were announced the next period and go as follows.

Public Relations: Devin Crowley

Sergeant at Arms: Zach Mularczyk

Treasurer: Stephen LaFrankie

Secretary: Chrissie Fuller

Pastor: Daniel Hammond

Vice President: Valerie Baez

President: DeAnna Brown

So far, the officers for next year look eager and ready to make a difference in this school. What changes do you want to see happening at SLA in the next school year?


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