SLA’s Annual Voce Tour

Courtesy of Jon Nosek

Courtesy of Jon Nosek

On April 16, 2015 South Lancaster Academy’s traveling choir, Voce, went on a tour. The Pioneer sat down with several Voce members to find out the details of the tour and what their reactions were. They first went to Hagerstown, Maryland. They stayed at Highland View Academy. They had early morning rehearsals for their performances and sang for the children’s Sabbath school. They performed at Highland View Elementary school, and also performed with the academy’s choir.


Courtesy of Jon Nosek

Courtesy of Jon Nosek

On Friday, they had sound check and sang 4 songs with the academy’s choir. In addition to this, Voce performed 8 songs. These songs included “We Shall Walk Through the Valley,” “Ain’t Got Time to Die,” “Elijah Rock,” “Come thou Fount,” “Majesty and Glory,” “Give Me Jesus,” and “How Great Thou Art.” Voce also ran vespers that Friday night at the Hagerstown SDA Church. Dylan Gibbons, a senior at SLA, preached during vespers.



Courtesy of Jon Nosek

Courtesy of Jon Nosek

They were part of the church service at Hagerstown on Saturday morning and sang for the children’s sabbath school. That afternoon, they had another mini-concert at the church for anyone else who wanted to attend. Then they went to the Martinsburg SDA church in West Virginia and performed. Voce’s schedule was packed full of traveling as they went to yet another church to perform another concert the next day. Voce had a concert at the Cavetown United Church of Christ. Later that day, they sang the national anthem at the Hagerstown Sun’s baseball game.

Finally, after all of that traveling and singing, they went stayed at Washington Adventist University for the final night and had some free time. They took a tour of the school on Monday, and then got back on the road to come home. Voce’s tour was very successful, they had many great concerts, got great feedback from the audiences, and were able to share the gospel through the gift of music with people at each of the locations and concerts.

“My last tour with Voce was fun and inspiring. I had fun with friends that had become family. The music lifted us up to lofty heights of worship.” – Dylan Gibbons

“It was a great tour, I got to meet a lot of new people from Highland View Academy, the church and worship service were great and I really enjoyed it.” – Leo Zamo

“I liked joining Voce and Highland View’s choirs together and listening to the beautiful harmonies that our choirs made when we sang together.” – Ellen DeOliveira

What do you think of Voce’s tour? Have you ever been in a traveling choir? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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