Earth Day 2015 – What Did You Do to Help the Earth?

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

April 22 is the famous Earth Day, where we all try and help the world and make a difference. The earth has become very polluted over the years and hasn’t been in the most pristine condition as of late. We should all try our best to change the world, one piece of trash at a time. We could make the world a much cleaner place and a better one at that. If everyone pitched in, or even took the day off if possible, we could definitely make an impact not the environment.

This year the Earth’s water is cleaner and the air is cleaner. During one time in our history, we used to paint our walls with lead. That caused carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide to go up. This year the pollution has plunged by 90%. Also the rate of death by natural disaster and physical destruction has also been reduced. Also the fear of overpopulation has been significantly reduced (which isn’t anything bad, by the way) so we can all live in peace of not wondering where the rest of the world will go.  Our resources are really abundant right now, by the way, so we also won’t have to fret about having to wonder about how we will refill are our necessities.

We should all take part in earth day because it’s a civic duty as a human on this earth. Not only that, but who wants to see trash everywhere, especially in place in which you reside? How could anyone want to live like that? If we all pitched in we could see this Earth change before our eyes. Imagine how much better our planet would look if we all took care of it. It would look so awesome. So if you care about the earth in which we live, help out.

What did you to help the earth this week? Let us know in the comments down below.


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