What Do You Play?

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

Since SLA is now on an e-campus, we tend to use games more often than we used to at school. So I set out to see what students play in their “free time.” I asked students what games they play, and these are the results I got.

Here are the candidates:

Pako: a car game in which you drive a car and avoid houses and walls and cops to see how long you can last.

Jetpack Joyride: Almost everyone knows about this game. You basically survive as long as you can get while floating on a jetpack.

FTL (Faster than Light): You pilot your own ship and fight other people. (iPad only)

Marvel Heroes: A game in which you fight as your favorite heroes from the Marvel universe and compete against others.

Silly sausage: a puzzle game in which you play as a dog and move around a world of puzzles and collect diamonds to save as checkpoints.

Mr. Jump: a puzzle game similar to the impossible game in which you complete different levels

Dominations: a strategy game similar to Clash of Clans and Age of Empires

Fun Run: a multiplayer game that has the player compete against others to win

Square Cash: Although not a game, it is an app that Igor uses to transfer money to others, it compares to Paypal and other money transferring system, is 100% safe.

All in all it seems to be that a lot of people have a lot of free time. Many students spend time playing games, and these ones discussed in the article are certainly very popular. For now, these are the most popular and most widely played games at SLA.

What do you think you of all of these apps and games, which do you prefer and suggest? Leave a comment down below.


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