Baseball Recap: April 13th-17th, 2015

Batting Practice with Haniel Olivera

Batting Practice with Haniel Olivera

The weather has been affecting the high school baseball schedule all over Massachusetts this spring. The heavy rain over the past two weeks, along with the heavy winter, have resulted in three cancelled baseball games for the Crusaders to start their season. That is not just the only struggle the players and coaches have been dealing with. The home field (Fuller field) for the SLA Crusaders has been rented out to the Clinton baseball league, rendering the team effectively homeless for the season. Nevertheless, the SLA baseball team has persevered, playing their first three games last week without a field to practice on and having to travel away for all their games. The season record so far is 1-2, and the results for all three games are below.

SLA vs Tahanto (L 20-5)

The first game of the season didn’t start of to the best start. An early mercy rule was used because of a drastic scoreboard, but the Crusaders knew they had to shape up for the season. Senior, Kurtis Bakerlis and Junior, Nick Morin were the most outstanding players to try and keep the Crusaders in the game but it wasn’t enough from the pitcher and shortstop. Nick had a total of 7 strikeouts and Kurtis had 2 RBIs Coaches and players all agree that the team let the opposing team get a big lead, because of many mental mistakes.

SLA vs Parker Charter (W 13-10)

Daniel Hammond, the freshmen who showed his potential in his future baseball high school career was the MVP for the Crusaders first win. Around the third inning Dan stepped out of third base into the pitching mount. He had a total of 12 strike outs and helped the Crusaders win 13-10. The Crusaders proved their toughness at the last inning when the opposing team had the bases loaded and could’ve easily ruined the game for the Crusaders, but the infielders locked down their defense and didn’t let anything effect their three point lead.

SLA vs Immaculate Heart (L 12-8)

The SLA team was missing a great amount of the starters, because of the school choir trip that were attending on the Voce Tour. Regardless, the team wanted to put a fight late during the end of the week. The crusaders had shortstop, Kurtis Bakerlis as the starting pitcher for the first couple innings. His arm soon gave out and forced Daniel Hammond to switch positions as catcher so he could relieve the pitcher and finish the game. The mercy rule was really close to be called, but the Crusaders tried staying in the game. The mentality and athleticism towards the end of the game was great. The factor that effected the Crusaders the most was letting the other team get six point lead in the first two innings.The team proved how well they defend when they play correctly, the outfielders put in all they had to catch and dive for every ball in their radar, and even the benchwarmers showed that they are dedicated and potentially will round up to be more consistent players out on the field. Due to the game starting really late, the refs and coaches agreed to calling the game to end soon. The game ended in the sixth inning with a final score of 12-8 favoring Immaculate Heart.


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