Ready, Set, Vote: SA Election Season is Here!

It’s election season once again at SLA as the candidates line up for the coveted position of holding a seat in the Student Association. The competition this year looks tough for the prized spot of SA President, and the contenders are all very promising, each within their own right. But before they can be eligible for candidacy, a few requirements must be met.

  1. Each applicant must have a minimum of a 70% attendance grade from the previous semester.
  2. Candidates running for a major office must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.
  3. While candidates running for all other SA offices must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.
  4. And candidates must have no major discipline issues during the current school year.

Pretty simple right? And presuming that all the requirements have been met, the contenders are then free to begin campaigning in whichever way they see fit. From bribing voters  with goodies, to making promises which are rarely upheld, the sky’s the limit on how they decide to run their race. Each year presents newer, and more interesting slogans, that are highly anticipated by both voters and spectators.

The list for this years candidates looks promising with competition in nearly every category. And though it is ever-expanding, these are, so far, the known candidates for each position:

  1. President: DeAnna Brown, Mariah Malone, Aaron Comley.
  2. Vice President: Tristan Johnson, Cyan Picard.
  3. Secretary: Christelle Omeler, Chrissie Fuller, Sabrina Mapes.
  4. Treasurer: Stephen LaFrankie.
  5. Public Relations: Devin Crowley, Laiza Silva.
  6. Pastor: Caleb Olmedo.

Who do you think is fit to be a leader at SLA?


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